There is light in the darkness

There is the light and there are shadows.   We create shadows when we stand in the light, but what we see depends on our focus, do we see the light or the shadow, or both.

I wanted some one to understand.

I wanted some one to help me

To hold my hand

To guide me through the dark

I could not see it was so dark

I could not move

I was stuck


I shouted out, screamed, yelled, begged, and pleaded


A few shouted back,

But I remained in the darkness alone



And stuck


As I attempted to move in the direction of the voices I heard

I tripped,

I could not see

It was so dark


It took a while

At one point I thought I would wait it out

I thought perhaps it is just night

Morning will come


It was not night

Morning came and left it was still dark

I was there

I became one with the darkness

I was there in the darkness alone


As we became one

Me and darkness, the darkness and I

The empty space void of life


I began to shed

My me changed


I transformed into a new being

In so doing I became the light

The Darkness and I are still one

My light, the light that I became

Overshadows my darkness

I walk in the light,


So no one knows the darkness I know


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